Local 121

History & Mission


Local 121 is part of a landmark preservation project led by AS220.  The arts organization bought the 24,000 square foot former Dreyfus Hotel in 2005 and renovated it into an affordable live-and-work space for artists, with an art gallery on the ground floor and a restaurant- Local 121.  The Dreyfus hotel, built in the 1890’s on Washington and Mathewson streets, served as dormitory from 1975-2000, and had been vacant ever since.

Enter the Millers. Joshua and Nancy Miller envisioned a restaurant that would not only stand out from the crowd and help define the downtown area as a “foodie” haven, but more importantly, create a restaurant that is ecologically, culturally, and agriculturally sustainable. Local 121 is aptly named for it’s commitment to all things local as well as our physical location at 121 Washington Street.  


We take seriously our obligation to our customers of providing the best each season has to offer.  Our mission is to serve the best locally- raised foods available:  vegetables harvested in season by local farmers who care about the health of their land and your food.  Meats raised in sunshine on our New England pastures, with no inhumane confinement, antibiotics or growth hormones-ever. We work hard to avoid serving anything that’s been genetically modified, packaged in a factory, or transported very far.  Our suppliers are small-scale New England farmers, cheese makers, and other food artisans we know by name. It’s our goal to provide warm, gracious service and share our dedication of locally harvested ingredients with our patrons.

However, our commitment to local extends beyond our plates.

We recognize that by supporting local artists creates balance and sustains the cultural life of our community.   That’s why we actively support our local artists, from the tiny butter dishes on our tables to the large-scale photographs you see on our walls. The fact is, without the work of artists, our lives would be pale and colorless. 

For you, the diner, it means that you’re not only enjoying a world-class meal in an elegant setting, prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients available, but that you’re also supporting small family farms and local artists in Rhode Island and New England. A dining experience at Local 121 is something both you and your taste buds can feel good about.



Tyler Demora, Executive Chef 

Emily Carpentieri, Private Event Manager

Nancy and Joshua Miller, Proprietors